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Special 2020 edition
by Ken Arneson
2020-09-25 23:30

As the A's are preparing for the playoffs next week, we at home are doing the same thing, as the weather forecast is calling for the winds to turn from the east, making the temperatures soar, smoke from old fires to fill the air. make the risk of new ones starting extremely high. We're probably going to be stuck inside again for several days in a row. Time to get our outdoor exercise in, and open the windows and let the house breathe before the air turns too hot and smoky sometime on Saturday or Sunday, and we're forced to seal things off.

There's a reasonable chance that the air quality will affect the playoff schedule. But you can't really plan on that, you have to assume it won't, and adjust if you have to. That's why preparing for maximum flexibility is important.

This was the last game that really meant anything for the A's in preparation for the playoffs. It was Chris Bassitt's last start before the wild card series. Bassitt was dominant in seven shutout innings, and on normal rest, he will be ready to pitch in game 2 or game 3 of the wild card round. If a game is postponed, he could also start Game 1.

But while Bassitt was mowing the Mariners down, the A's offense was dormant against Yusei Kikuchi. The game went into extra innings tied 0-0. With extra innings this season starting with a runner on second, the Mariners were able to move their runner across the plate against Jake Diekman. So the A's went into the bottom of the 10th trailing 1-0. The first two hitters couldn't drive in the A's bonus runner, but with two outs, Ramón Laureano doubled home the tying run. Mark Canha then sent the A's home as 3-1 winners when he hit an opposite field homer.

I mentioned yesterday that I didn't have time to calculate the odds of who the A's opponent would be before publishing yesterday, but I finished that calculation today. Here is the current odds going into Saturday's game:

#1 seed vs Yankees: 0.98%
#1 seed vs Blue Jays: 2.15%

#2 seed vs Twins: 3.96%
#2 seed vs Indians: 23.83%
#2 seed vs White Sox: 48.97%

#3 seed vs Astros: 20.12%

These numbers will change a lot tomorrow.

Game 56, Dodgers 5, A's 1 Games 58 & 59, Mariners 5 & 12, A's 1 & 3
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